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Community Based Mental Health Innovation And Interventions

Community Our overall goal is Achieve mental health wellness through the use of community-based innovations and interventions. We do this through Young girls’ mentorship and Teen mothers’ mentorship with the activities below.

Psycho-social Disability Program

We use graphic novels as an alternative to advocating for mental health using for youth and children with the aim of improving lives and well-being.

Counselling sessions

We use animated educational cartoon shows that teach children and youths mental health matters using more captivating and easily grasped content using local language and concepts.

Mental health and psycho-social support for teen/young mothers

We create and disseminate information on mental health. Check out the blog section for these articles.

Adolescence girls holistic mentorship Programs

We capacity strengthen our young girls' teen mothers to make informed decisions concerning their actions and to improve and establish good relationships with their peers, family, and community.

Mental Health TV Shows

We use Television platforms to educate and create awareness of mental health.

Nivishe Mental Health Fellowships

We create and disseminate information  on mental health. Check out the blog section for these articles.

Building community resilience community based mental health interventions and trauma informed program for social cohesion and well being

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