Nivishe is a Swahili word Meaning To Clothe You

Mental health and substance abuse disorders affect 13% of the world’s population. This proportion will increase as people around the world try to assume and adjust to a new normal amid the daily challenges. Putting an end to the stigma around mental illness is important now more than ever due to emerging pressures brought forth by the adverse effects of Covid-19 pandemic since 2022

Nivishe Foundation Exists Because?

1 out of 4 persons who seek healthcare in Kenya have a mental health condition with depression and anxiety disorders are the leading mental illnesses
diagnosed in Kenya, followed by substance use disorders.”The majority of Kenyans associate mental health and mental illness with negative narratives leading to a low focus on the importance and benefits of mental health and well-being.Slum residents (people living in informal settlements)have the worst health and socioeconomic outcomes out of any social group in Kenya, with limited access to education, employment, water, and sanitation. They are found to be more likely to be exposed to violence and social unrest.

Nivishe Headquarters is located in Kibra (one of the largest informal urban settlements in Africa) characterized by community, family, and individual
triggers to poor mental health such as poor social and health care provision, poor housing, and domestic violence. Women, girls (including teen mothers), and children are the most vulnerable in this community.Mental health advocacy and psycho-social support are important now more than ever due to emerging pressures brought forth by the adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic since 2022, high cost of living, etc. Mental ill-health is both a consequence and a cause of inequalities. These vulnerable communities are therefore very susceptible to the causes and effects of mental ill

- Our Mission-

Understand Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision

‘To promote mental wellness for young girls, women, and youth in vulnerable and marginalized communities of Kenya through community based mental health interventions, mental health media & advocacy and strategic partnerships' '.

Our Mission

A healthy mental state for young girls and women in marginalized and vulnerable communities in Kenya

Our Values

-Respect /Integrity
-Good stewardship

Nivishe Foundation is a youth and women led organization started in 2019 based in Kibra, Nairobi Kenya. Nivishe focus is on creating mental health awareness & breaking the stigma against mental illnesses at the grassroots level.

The organization strives to build community resilience on mental health through community based mental health interventions and trauma informed programming and hence promoting social cohesion. 

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We believe in the Institutional embodiment of mental health through strategic partnerships

Building community resilience community based mental health interventions and trauma informed program for social cohesion and well being

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